Innova-tsn at Try It! 2024

Last March, Innova-tsn took part for the first time in the Try It! 2024 Congress of the Technical University of Madrid, as part of our Chair: Analytics in a Digital Society, “where Data Build History.”

Try It! 2024 is one of UPM’s most important technology congresses. It is organised by the Student Delegation of the High Technical School of Computer Science (DAETSIINF). It is a meeting point that aims to bring students closer to the latest technology in the field of IT, to teach them about the latest IT trends and to bring them closer to leading companies in the Sector.  

For the entire Innova-tsn team involved, it was undoubtedly a very enriching and meaningful experience in every way. During five days, we not only shared knowledge and experiences with the students at the university – and future professionals of our Sector – but we were also able to establish synergies with the student community and the School. The opportunity to return to the university and actively participate in this event allowed us to get even closer to young talents and share the passion for technology and data analytics that drives us in our daily work.

During each one of the days of Try It! we carried out various workshops, presentations and activities not only designed to put into practice and solve actual cases, but to inspire them, making them take part in each activity.

We started the week talking about the multiculturalism intrinsic to our company DNA, highlighting the diversity and international talent which characterises our team, made up of professionals from 17 different countries. This diversity not only enriches our corporate culture but also provides a variety of perspectives and approaches to all our projects. Students also had the opportunity to talk with colleagues of all ranks and profiles and learn first-hand how this multiculturalism is an invaluable asset in the workplace.

In addition, Fernando Sebastián Huerta, Senior Data Analyst, gave a practical workshop on “Prompt Engineering: techniques and strategies for Large Language Models”. In this session, students discovered how to exploit and get the most out of Generative Artificial Intelligence, such as ChatGPT, to generate content efficiently and creatively.

Through practical exercises and specific examples, participants were able to experience how these tools can be applied in various contexts, from text generation to task automation, image creation and sentiment recognition.

Packed house in our workshops!

The Innova-tsn Leganés team with our colleagues

At Innova-tsn, we also wanted to demonstrate the importance of teamwork, talent and collaboration, not only as fundamental pillars of our success, but also that of Innova-tsn Leganés. Therefore, taking advantage of this opportunity, we invited the players of the women’s first team and organised a sports meeting with the students. The Leganés girls visited the Campus and conveyed their perseverance and daily effort to be part of a professional basketball team, as well as studying and working. Together, they enjoyed a friendly game between different groups of young people and players.

As it could not be otherwise, cybersecurity, a growing concern in today’s digital world, was not left out. With the aim of making students aware of the risks and challenges in this field, our infrastructure and security experts, Luis Jorge GonzálezCIO & Solution Architecture and José Manuel TolobaLead Project Manager for Internal Systems and Cybersecurity, offered a practical workshop: “How to set up a Cybersecurity department without dying trying”.

During this session, different aspects of IT security were analysed, ranging from threat identification to the implementation of protection measures. Students had the opportunity to participate in a dynamic way. This allowed them to better understand the importance of cybersecurity and experience it firsthand in a role-play exercise where half of the students acted as hackers who invaded the network of a fictive company to steal its data, while the other half had to look after the company’s interests and defend it by all means against cyberattacks.    

For their part, our Compliance team shared knowledge on the regulations regarding data protection with the students. In an increasingly regulated world, it is fundamental that companies and professionals understand their legal obligations and take the necessary measures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Some memories of our days at Try IT

AI and data analytics are areas of great relevance in today’s technology landscape. At the conference: “What would your work on AI and Data projects be like?” delivered by Ignacio Barahona MorenoHead of Data Value and Founding Partner, together with Julián Ricoy, Project Leader and Consultant, we explored the most sought-after profiles and skills in technology solutions projects. Through practical examples and case studies, students could visualise the career opportunities and challenges in the field of AI and data analytics today.   

Furthermore, we carried out an interactive activity on Corporate Social Responsibility, where participants had the opportunity to reflect on the social impact of our actions. Through the Tangram and value phrases that describe our commitment to CSR, we seek to raise awareness among students about the importance of integrating sustainable and ethical practices in the business world.  

Finally, we wanted to highlight the importance of strategic communication and professional development as key aspects to stand out in today’s job market. In the conference: “Think strategically to be different!”, delivered by Ana María Niño, Strategic Communicator and Business Development Consultant, students learned the keys to enhance their profile and build their personal brand as a differentiating element in the corporate world. From opportunity management to effective networking, the attendees undoubtedly acquired practical skills that will be useful in their professional future.

Some memories of our days at Try IT

At Innova-tsn we value very positively the days spent at this UPM Try It! 2024 Congress and we are very satisfied with the interaction and the exchange of knowledge that we had the pleasure to carry out with the young people.

These events allow us to strengthen the relationship with the student community and contribute to the development of future technology and data analytics professionals and in that context, we are proud of the work we have done and we will continue collaborating and sharing experiences in future editions.

See you in the next one!