Electrical Fraud

We optimize fraud detection for one of the major Spanish energy providers by relying on Machine Learning techniques. By implementing analytical models in the client’s platform, we are able to analyse consumer behaviour and detect any fraud patterns. In this way, a prioritised list of potential points of fraud can be obtained, which will optimise the inspection.

Real-time and Client Experience

Innova-tsn have worked on the implementation of an omnichannel commercial actions management system and a real-time recommendation engine, which allows personalised offers for the current clients of one of the major banking entities in the country. The goal is better service and a better customer experience, resulting in greater loyalty. We have come full circle with the monitoring of digital behaviour of different customer segments: allowing us to get to know them, improve their customer experience, strengthen their relationship with the organisation and finally, increase their customer value.

Optimisation of Advertising Impact

We improved an audience prediction system for an international media agency, with the design and implementation of an advanced analytical granular prediction system. With this system, we reach the audience by desired segment and chain, along with a prediction of total impacts for their advertising target. With this input and several rules of business, we implemented a system to maximise audience reach for the brands involved.

Digital Transformation

The way in which we consume information has dramatically changed in recent years. In parallel, the information available and generated by current media outlets has grown substantially and must be summarised to gain a real insight into the company vision. Innova-tsn have worked on a Big Data solution for one of the major communication groups in Spain, to be able to apply advanced analytics, and modernise and personalise the commercial and content offer presented to the reader.

Real-time Content Recommendation System

Thanks to the use of information and stored data from web browsing on the group’s platforms, a real-time and personalised multimedia content recommendation system has been implemented for all users. The goal is to increase engagement and sales online.

Pharmaceutical Demand Forecasting

We implemented a demand forecasting solution for one of the main products of a multinational pharmaceutical company. We created an effective data model to be able to apply different advanced analytics techniques. The new models allow us to predict demand for a medication up to 6 months in advance with high precision and robustness, whilst notifying the sales team in the event of irregularities in buying patterns.