Artificial Intelligence

Solving business problems using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to harness the full power, efficiency and accuracy of automated advanced analytics.  

  • Forecasting
  • Optimisation
  • Recommendation
  • Computer vision & image recognition
  • Large Language Models (LLM)


Design of a Cloud Strategy and Architecture; implementation, migration and operation of cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions.
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of the Infrastructure and Platform (public, private, hybrid)
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)
  • Design and implementation of DW – Datalake – Lakehouse – Big Data
  • Solutions Benchmark
  • Cost Optimisation

Data Analytics & Modern BI

Direct exploitation of data available to all users, with a view to strategic and operational improvements and in a governed environment.

  • Creation and optimisation of reports and Dashboards
  • Modernising BI: self-service, collaboration and web/app integration
  • Design, deployment, administration and maintenance of BI platforms
  • BI organisation and work methodologies