1.Legal Information

This legal information sets the rules for using the Internet site (hereinafter, the “portal”) which Innovación Tecnológica y Soluciones de Negocio, SL (hereinafter, “Innova-TSN”) makes available for Internet users (the “user”), whose use means the acceptance of all terms and conditions included in this Legal Notice. 

Innova-TSN, with a registered office at Plaza Manuel Gomez Moreno, nº 2, planta 15, 28020 Madrid, Spain and VAT number B-84006246 is registered in the Madrid Trade Register, Volume 20087. 8th Section. Sheet 97. Page M354517. It is contactable by phone: 91 5130073 and fax: 91 0252126. Users of the portal can also contact through the email address protecciondedatos@innova-tsn.com.    

Some portal services accessible only by Innova-TSN’s customers or employees may be subject to special conditions, regulations and instructions which replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice.

The information society services offered by the portal does not have a definite duration. Nevertheless, on its own initiative, Innova-TSN can temporarily or permanently suspend said services with prior notice if necessary. 

The information society services offered in the portal are provided at the user’s request each time they connect. Then, they should read attentively the current Legal Notice, which may have undergone changes since the user’s last connection.

Access to the website does not mean any commitments are taken on by any of the parties. Business Intelligence, CRM, Business Analytics, Big Data, Business Discovery consultancy services or any other service provided by Innova-TSN are offered in exchange for a rate set in the corresponding commercial offer and in no case are they offered or provided through the portal.


2. Intellectual and industrial property.

All the contents of the portal, including texts, articles, photographs, graphs, pictures, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound contents as well as its graphic design and source codes are intellectual property of Innova-TSN’s and of the third parties Innova-TSN has requested the corresponding authorisation to. It may not be construed that exploitation rights or industrial and/or intellectual property rights of the contents are assigned to the user, without prejudice to the automatic, temporary and ephemeral reproductions that have to be made in the user’s computer equipment to continue browsing. Except for this assumption, reproducing, transforming, communicating publicly, distributing or making available by any means any contents or parts thereof either for profit or not, is strictly prohibited.    

Trademarks, brands, logos and other distinctive symbols used in the portal are the property of Innova-TSN or third parties and it may not be construed that access to the portal confers any rights on them.

Some contents, such as the articles published or referred to shall be available to third parties when it is so expressly stipulated in the portal.  

In case of any indication of suspicion that the aforementioned requirements are not met, Innova-TSN may block or suspend the service. Said prohibitions may not be construed with prejudice to the legal limits to intellectual and/or industrial property when these apply.


3. Terms and condition of use.

The user must make a correct use of the portan in accordance with the law and this legal notice. The user shall be liable to Innova-TSN or to any third parties for any damages and losses they may cause as a result of failing to comply with such obligation.

Use of the Portal for purposes that are harmful to the assets or interests of Innova-TSN or third parties, or that in any other way overload, damage or render unusable the networks, servers and other hardware or software of Innova-TSN or of third parties is expressly forbidden.

It is also expressly forbidden, with respect to the portal or its content, to undertake any type of conduct that implies hacking, altering, rendering unusable, damaging or preventing access thereto.

The link shall direct only to the homepage of the portal but it shall not reproduce it in any way not even as a reference to the link. It is expressly forbidden to establish frames of any type around the portal or parts thereof, or that enable the content of the portal to be viewed together with content and pages of third parties, in such a way that could lead users to error or confusion with respect to the authorship and origin thereof or that, in any way, results in unfair competition or activity contrary to advertising or intellectual property regulations. The webpage linked to shall not include any false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about Innova-TSN, its partners, employees or customers, or about the quality of the services it provides.
Under no circumstances shall it be expressed in the page where the link is located that Innova-TSN has given its consent for the link to be inserted.
Under no circumstances shall it be expressed in the page where the link is located that Innova-TSN sponsors, cooperates in, verifies or supervises the services provided by the sender.

The use of any graphic or mixed word marks or any other distinctive sign of Innova-TSN in the sender’s webpage is forbidden, except in the cases permitted by law or expressly authorised by Innova-TSN and provided that, in these cases, a direct link to the portal in the manner established in this clause is permitted.
The webpage directed by the link must comply faithfully with the law and, under no circumstances, may it provide or link to own content or content of third parties that: i) are illegal, harmful or contrary to morality (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); ii) induce or may induce the user to believe incorrectly that Innova-TSN subscribes to, supports, adheres to or, in any manner, endorses the ideas, representations or expressions, lawful or otherwise, of the sender; iii) may be inappropriate or not pertinent to the activity carried out by Innova-TSN with respect to the location, content and subject-matter of the sender’s webpage.

4. Liability

The content provided in the portal is of a general nature and does not constitute the provision of any advisory or consulting service and, as such, it is insufficient for the purpose of actual personal or business decisions.

Innova-TSN does not have any obligation to check whether the information supplied over the Portal is true, accurate, appropriate, suitable, complete and up-to-date. Innova-TSN shall not be held liable for any damage or losses caused by decisions taken by the user on the basis of the information provided on the portal.

It is the user’s responsibility to check the absence of viruses, worms or any type of harmful computer elements at the time of connection to the portal, as well as to have the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs.

It is not Innova-TSN’s responsibility to guarantee the reliability, quality, continuity and functioning of the telecommunication networks required to access the portal, which will be responsibility of the access service providers.

Innova-TSN is not responsible for examining beforehand any possible content that the users may include as a result of the use of the portal services that so allow, such as personal blogs, articles, forums, etc. Consequently, pursuant to Article 16.1 of Information Society Services Law 34/2002, of July 11th, (“LSSI”), Innova-TSN shall not be held liable for such content to the extent that it has no effective knowledge thereof, in accordance with the aforementioned Article 16 of the LSSI.

When the user accesses other linked websites or portals by search features in the Portal, Innova-TSN acts as a provider of intermediation services in accordance with Article 17 of the LSSI and shall only be liable for the content and services supplied on the linked sites insofar as it has effective knowledge of the unlawfulness thereof and, in this case, has not deactivated the link with the due care required. Innova-TSN has no procedure in place to detect linked content or sites that may be considered to any degree illegal.

If a user finds illegal or inappropriate content on a linked site, it should notify Innova-TSN of the fact by sending an email to the email address protecciondedatos@innova.tsn.com, including the following information: i) personal details of the sender (name, address, telephone number and email address); ii) a description of the facts disclosing the illegal or inappropriate nature of the linked site; iii) in the event of violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, the personal details of the holder of the breached right if such person is different from the person sending the notification; iv) express declaration that the information of the claim is true and accurate.

Such notification does not involve the obligation to remove the corresponding link or may not be considered to constitute effective knowledge of unlawfulness when the damage to legal assets is not manifest and exceeds Innova-TSN´s judgement capacity.

The existence of linked sites does not imply the existence of agreements with those responsible for them or the owners thereof, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of Innova-TSN with the statements, content or services provided in them.


5. Personal data protection.

The use of certain services and functionalities included in the portal may be subject to the previous filling out of the corresponding registration form by the user or, as the case may be, sending personal data to Innova-TSN by email.

Accordingly, by clicking on the “send” button, users expressly accept the processing of their data for the aforementioned purposes, including the receipt of commercial communications by electronic means.

Data gathered by means of the various data-gathering forms on the portal as well as the data corresponding to curriculums sent in relation to job offers published on the portal shall be included in one or several automated personal data filing systems controlled by Innova-TSN. This entity shall process the data in a confidential manner and solely for the following purposes: i) to provide users with the requested service and/or information; ii) to manage the relationship with its customers and promote activities, services and/or initiatives organised and sponsored by Innova-TSN.

On the other hand, with respect to the information furnished by users as a result of registration for any of the job offers included on the portal, Innova-TSN shall process their data, including curriculums, solely and exclusively for the purposes of assessing users as candidates for a position at Innova-TSN.

Upon sending the information, the user assumes the responsibility for the accuracy and veracity of the data provided to Innova-TSN through the portal, as well as for the damages and losses that inaccurate or false statements may cause to Innova-TSN or third parties.

Users may revoke the consent given for the processing of their data at any time by sending an email to protecciondedatos@innova-tsn.com. Users may also exercise their rights of access, modification, deletion and objection by sending a communication, including a copy of their National Identification Card, to the aforementioned address of Innova-TSN and explicitly indicating the specific right to be exercised.

Innova-TSN’s activity meets the requirements set in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of physical persons with regard to the processing of their personal data and, by extension, to the rules that develop it, so that: 

The personal data gathered from the users are those strictly necessary to provide them with the corresponding web services.
The personal data users provide will not be assigned to any company or made available for third parties. They will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes they were gathered for. In the event that Innova-TSN assigned the data to any of the group’s companies or to third parties, users will be appropriately informed, providing the assignee’s data and the purpose of the assignation. The safety levels adopted by Innova-TSN will, in each case, suit the data provided by the users in accordance with the GDPR or law in force at that time.  
Innova-TSN will delete or rectify the data when they are inaccurate, incomplete or unnecessary for the purpose intended, in accordance with the GDPR.
Data will be indefinitely stored by Innova-TSN, unless a different storage period is indicated in the corresponding privacy notice, although they will be immediately deleted at the data subject’s request.”
Users of this site can exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure and to be forgotten, restriction, portability and objection at the email address protecciondedatos@innova-tsn.com or at Innova-TSN’s postal address: Plaza Manuel Gomez Moreno, nº 2, planta 15, 28020 Madrid to obtain the corresponding forms. Moreover, they are entitled to file a claim at the Spanish Data Protection Agency at C/ Jorge Juan, 6 28001-Madrid.

6. Cookie Policy.

Innova-TSN may use cookies during the provision of the portal service. Cookies are automatic procedures that gather information on the preferences determined by a user during a visit to a certain website. This information is recorded in small files which are saved imperceptibly to the user’s hardware. Each time the user accesses the website in question these files are activated automatically so that the website may be configured with the preferences indicated in previous visits. In short, cookies are small physical files containing personal information that are stored in the user’s terminal and unmistakably associated with that terminal. Cookies cannot read cookie files created by other providers.

Users may configure their browsers to prevent cookies from being created or so that it warns them when this occurs. The portal may be accessed without the need for the cookie options to be activated, although they may prevent the correct functioning of security mechanisms for exclusive services or certain services requiring a higher level of security. In general, the purpose of the cookies on the portal is to facilitate browsing for users.