Make IT! Campus, One more summer together

In the fast-paced digital era we live in, it is crucial that young people have a direct relationship with new technologies and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the changing technological landscape. All of this will help them to make decisions about their future.

In order to spark interest in technology, foster creativity and inspire the next generation of innovators, Innova-tsn has once again sponsored Make IT! 2023, the transformative Technology Campus for young people, which traditionally takes place at the UPM’s School of Computer Engineering.

In this edition, almost 50 young people aged 10 to 16 have participated in the two weeks of the Campus, approaching programming in Python and Arduino, UX, 3D Design with Openscad, etc., and also enhancing some of its soft skills such as creativity, communication and collaborative learning, among others.

The case study proposed this year by Innova-tsn has focused on making a software/hardware product with which, by exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and its inclusion, a daily task of young people is improved, whether it is something they do manually or by other means or applications. The approach of this project has allowed them to get closer to the most avant-garde advances and to be aware that the good use of new technologies helps improve our daily lives.

Thus, during their participation in Make IT! they had to activate their imagination, explore their users (themselves and their environment) and analyse the integration of AI in them, carry out the use case of the application, design the product and prototyping, carry out tests, reach their own conclusions from the process and, above all, work as a team, organising each of the tasks involved in the development of the project, learning from each other. And by God, did they do it!

The work developed and presented by the different teams masterfully surprised the audience and the jury composed of Innova-tsn employees and professors of the UPM. In this context, we also want to surprise you and that you enjoy reading each of them.

Therefore, we share with you below the details of these projects, which have been carried out by the 10 participating groups during the two weeks of the Campus.

Teams, Whatsapp, Facetime… All the applications that transform conventional calls into video calls are fully incorporated into our daily lives. LlamadApp arrives to revolutionise this experience by using Artificial Intelligence to scan and recognise both the person and their environment and transport them to a virtual world. The main purpose is to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of calls through a more user-friendly interface and a virtual environment. Another possibility is to recreate a real environment in a virtual environment, changing the way we communicate, offering a more immersive and personalised experience. With its cutting-edge approach, this application redefines the future of telephone communications.

Surveillance of our homes is important, and for this reason, the second team has developed Vigibot, a robot with the ability to safeguard people in dangerous situations. Using Artificial Intelligence, the robot detects and understands the situation, from robberies, attacks or sudden illnesses, and responds to these, alerting the police, emergency services or providing the necessary medication. Its ability to analyse data in real time and make decisions based on advanced algorithms ensures an efficient and timely response. With this advance, we seek to offer greater security and peace of mind to people in their day-to-day lives.

With the rise of the video game market, inflation and the supply of shopping options, it is becoming increasingly complex to find the best prices. The VideoSearch application is based on previous searches to find the best prices among your preferences, as well as recommendations of games that may suit your tastes. This platform uses ChatGPT as a basis for comparing prices across different websites and shops. By leveraging this technology, this app/web becomes a reliable assistant that helps you get the best deals and make more informed decisions, thus enjoying a better shopping experience.

Studying is complex and demanding, but doing it with someone always makes it easier. That’s why with QueStudying you will tackle the contents and even the extensions provided by teachers. Using image-based text scanning, in this case the students’ notes, the application will search for the most relevant and likely questions, ensuring a complete study. In addition, it will keep a record of the wrong questions for review at the end or in future study sessions. This application is an autonomous and efficient study tool, which will support the learning process, improving and fine-tuning its questions to your needs.

In large metropolises, traffic and congestion are commonplace. For this reason, Team 5 has developed a revolutionary traffic light that uses Artificial Intelligence. This traffic light is equipped with cameras that continuously capture images, actively searching for people wishing to cross the street. When it detects pedestrians waiting to cross, the traffic light automatically allows them to move forward, while sending signals to drivers to stop, taking into account reaction times, number of vehicles and pedestrians, to coordinate traffic in the most efficient way. To complete this, the face detection algorithm used was developed using Python code.

Having a healthy diet is complicated in today’s fast-paced world, so TeCocina provides culinary assistance specially designed to help the elderly and anyone else who needs support in the kitchen. How it works is simple: by placing a camera on the fridge door, it scans the food. With this information, using Artificial Intelligence, the application will generate personalised recipes based on the ingredients available. This innovative tool guarantees a more accessible and efficient cooking experience, offering help to those who do not have as much time and/or need support, simplifying the food preparation process.

Making outlines for studying are two of the most commonly used methods. Resumidor, the application proposed by team 7, helps prepare school texts for better comprehension. Among the different possibilities it offers, it is worth highlighting the generation of a new statement, in case the original one is not completely clear, and summarising texts from your books, allowing you to take notes only of the most relevant information for your study. In addition, this tool will provide the steps to solve the exercise you take the picture of, not solving the problem directly, but offering a guide for the student to solve it, thus encouraging their learning and development in an autonomous way.

This tool is aimed at managing a domestic greenhouse that allows you to grow and plant in the comfort of your own home. The highlight is that this greenhouse would have the help of Artificial Intelligence to monitor and control the state of your plants, as well as provide assistance in their maintenance. Thanks to AI technology, the app will provide real-time information on the needs of your plants, such as the amount of water, light and nutrients required. In addition, it offers personalised recommendations to ensure optimal growth of your crops. With this smart greenhouse, anyone can enjoy the experience of growing plants in their own home in a simple and successful way.

To improve the efficiency of waste collection in small towns and villages, Team 9 has developed an ingenious recycling system that uses smart bins connected to waste collection trucks in the area. These smart bins communicate with the trucks before they reach their capacity limit, preventing them from filling up completely. This solution ensures that the bins do not overflow, preventing users from having to leave their waste outside the bins. With this system, waste collection is optimised and areas are kept clean, providing a more convenient and efficient experience for users and waste collection services.


Team 10 has created an AI-powered app that works as a personal assistant in the selection of everyday clothing. This app will take into account the clothes you already have in your wardrobe and also considers other clothes available on the market. Using sophisticated algorithms, the app analyses your personal style, current trends and the most appropriate combinations. With this information, it gives you recommendations on what to wear for each occasion. In addition, the app can suggest new purchases to expand your wardrobe and keep it up to date. With this tool, getting dressed becomes easier, more efficient and with a touch of style.

For Innova-tsn, participating in Make IT! 2023 has been a very rewarding experience. Witnessing the passion, growth and learning demonstrated by the young participants was truly inspiring. The camp not only developed the kids’ technical skills, but also consolidated essential qualities such as problem solving, collaboration and an entrepreneurial mindset.

We believe that investing in the next generation of technology enthusiasts is critical to shaping a brighter future, and we are proud to have played a small part in their extraordinary journey.

Of all the participants in this year’s Make IT!, we would like to highlight their boundless creativity, their ingenuity and skill in applying the subjects they have been taught in the different workshops and their approach to the real needs of life, as well as their commitment and dedication to the project they were carrying out, not forgetting their sense of humour.

All of this confirms to us that these kids have an encouraging future. And we look forward to supporting and celebrating their future successes as they continue to explore the limitless possibilities of technology.