Make IT 2021: Innova-tsn supporting the Future

After the 2020 halt, the Make IT! Technological Campus has been held again at the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid from 28 June to 2 July, following all the safety protocols and achieving that the participants have enjoyed a week of leisure and learning. This time, Innova-tsn has participated again by contributing with experts in the technological sector.

32 students aged 11 to 17 have participated in the much-awaited 2021 edition. The students have worked in two groups adapted to their level, they have learned about the different technologies and programming languages and, in a team, they have developed a computer engineering project. 

Tecnológico Campus MAKE IT e Innova-tsn
Systems and Infrastructure manager José Manuel Toloba, bringing closer together the technological world to the young people.

A week pervaded with technology

The Campus started with welcome greetings from the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering director Javier Soriano, who presented the different studies that can be made at the university and about which the participants learned throughout the week.

Each group was supported by two students from the School who, as their instructors, taught them new knowledge and how to put it into practice. The contents they worked on were:

  • 3D design using OpenSCAD and TinkerCAD.
  • Robotics, building a robot equipped with different sensors and developing Internet of Things projects with Arduino.
  • Development of mobile applications with Thunkable.
  • Creation of augmented reality filters and applications using Facebook’s Spark AR Studio.

On Tuesday, the students were visited by Innova-tsn professionals Nuria Estebas and José Manuel Toloba, who introduced them to the world of cloud computing, which gives support to and is necessary for most of the applications and services we use every day.  

On Wednesday, they were visited by Ramón Ramírez, from Rooted, who initiated them into cybersecurity concepts and gave them advice so they could apply them in their everyday lives.

Make IT! changed its format midweek and the participants were those who took control of the campus and started developing their own projects. In order to be initiated into this, they were taught by Computer Engineering School teachers Xavier Ferré and Cristian Moral. They learned from them the key aspects of the development of technological solution, the creative process and design it requires, as well as the importance of all this process being focused on the user that will use it.

They devoted the rest of the week to thinking, designing and building their own projects, always with the companion of the instructors, who helped them go deeper into their learning. These projects were developed in teams created by the students themselves on the basis of the affinity relationships that arose in the first days at the campus.


Projects packed with Talent

The projects developed by the young students ranged from applications developed with Thunkable and other tools, gadgets or robots to social projects. These were the results of the week:

  • Fermavic: an app that allows people with visual impairment to recognise what is in front of them, in several languages.
  • Marada: an app allowing users to keep control of their daily expenses and it is adapted to both right-handed and left-handed users.
  • Multitaskpp: an app which provides users with all kinds of tools to use throughout the day. It is also developed with Thunkable. The applications that includes are: a calculator, a note saver, image recognition, a translator, a timer, a text-to-voice converter, maps and the game Akinator.
  • Nutritips: an app which helps users lead a healthy life and control what they eat to keep fit.
  • ¿Dónde está mi coche? : an app which allows to remember where and how your vehicle has been parked. It uses different sensors from a mobile device for location and an internal management system of the places where it is parked.
  • RDIP is a robot which helps you collect your stuff at home and do different tasks. It is controlled by means of an app developed in Thunkable and the prototype of the robot is designed in TinkerCAD.
  • T.U.R.F.A.E. is a home robot assistant for the elderly. They have developed the prototype in OpenSCAD, which is controlled through Thunkable and the simulation of its behaviour is developed with Spark AR Studio.  
  • Airborne Explorer is a drone devoted to exploration and search in remote places. In its prototype, OpenSCAD was used for the drone, Thunkable for the controlling application and Spark AR Studio to simulate its functioning.
  • Safety is a smart wristband which, together with an app, can detect a risk for the health of elderly people and it allows to call the emergency services. The prototype of the bracelet is made with OpenSCAD and the application with Thunkable.
  • Lockero, a software to access your home when you forget the keys. The students used Arduino for the prototype and different types of sensors.
  • Entretenimiento en Hospitales is a social project which seeks to accompany people who may stay in hospital or isolated for a long time. They developed the different models with TinkerCAD and included them within different Instagram filters with Spark AR Studio.  
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When the encampment was finishing, a little game with Kahoot was played where the main concepts worked on throughout the week were reviewed and the good moments and what they have lived those days were remembered. Likewise, participants got a diploma which recognises the good work done throughout the week. In parallel, different skills were fostered such as teamwork, creativity and the care for the environment, through different activities carried out by taking advantage of the surroundings of the Campus.

Finally, the Make IT! organisers created a site in their web so that families and employees can see the work done by the participants and the public presentations they made on the last day.

You can access and see the projects by clicking here:

Acceder a la Web de Make IT! 2021


Innova-tsn and its project for the Future

Innova-tsn bets on Talent with the aim of bring young people closer to the Future.

These projects offer the opportunity for young people to get involved in change using the most innovative technologies like Big Data or Advanced Analytics, expanding their horizons and becoming creative and committed thinkers.

With the goal and commitment of creating a sustainable future, Innova-tsn will continue participating in, fostering and promoting these activities, whose sponsorship falls within its strategy of betting on said talent from the bottom up. Thus, we promote, from an early age, this interest not only in technology, innovation and creativity, but also in the corporate world.