Innova-tsn, Official Sponsor of the Leganes Basketball Club

and its first team, Innova-tsn Leganes, which will play in the Endesa League this season 2021-2022.

  • Innova-tsn, linked to the Leganés Basketball Club for three seasons, renews and strengthens its commitment for three more years.
  • Innova-tsn takes the court at the Pabellón Europa in Leganés together with the Leganés City Council and other sponsors of the first team, Innova-tsn Leganés.

Innova-tsn has reached an agreement with the Leganés Basketball Club to be the official sponsor of the first women’s basketball team, Innova-tsn Leganés, recently promoted to the Endesa League.

Last April, between the 8th and 11th, the 12 best teams in the LF2 category fought for promotion to the Endesa League with the Pabellón Europa as a witness to the best women’s basketball. Finally, the players of Club Leganés, together with Baxi Ferrol, won the promotion after three excellent games.

Innova-tsn began supporting the Leganés Basketball Club in the 18/19 season as a sponsor of the women’s youth team, extending its sponsorship to the first LF2 team in the following season 20/21 and this year to the entire Leganés Sports Club and in a redoubled way to the first team, the Innova-tsn Leganés.

José Antonio Luque, CEO of Innova-tsn and first promoter of this sponsorship, highlights: “We are proud to reinforce our alliance with a club of the stature of Club de Baloncesto Leganés, with whom we not only share colours, but also values such as talent, commitment, effort and teamwork as the basis of daily work. Therefore, we want to be part of their present and future and celebrate many shared successes”.

CEO de Innova-tsn junto a Presidente y Representante del Club Leganés de Baloncesto
José Jacinto Ramos, president of Club Baloncesto Leganés, Marta Hermida, player of the Club and José Antonio Luque, CEO of Innova-tsn.

A brand linked to women’s sport

Once again, Innova-tsn shows its solidarity with initiatives that mean a commitment to young people, effort and talent. In this context, the consultancy firm, which is very active in Corporate Social Responsibility issues, has been supporting and bringing sport closer to many of Madrid’s young people for several years with different initiatives.

This is due to the desire to bet on youth, passion, effort and the fight for ambitious but defined goals, attitudes that define both the women’s basketball academy of Club Leganés and the company, which works hand in hand with José Jacinto Ramos, president of the club, to achieve all the proposed objectives.

In this context, Ramos shows his satisfaction with this agreement and points out: “We are very grateful to be able to share our first year in the Endesa league with Innova-tsn. Their support all these years has been fundamental for the growth of our women’s youth team. Without the support of Innova-tsn and the Leganés City Council, this project would not be possible. We share values, projects and objectives so we are sure that this union will allow us to continue growing in our sporting and social project”.

The LF Endesa already has a calendar for its Regular League. In the first round, to be played on 25 and 26 September, we will see games such as Casademont Zaragoza vs Innova-tsn Leganés (26/09), Valencia BC vs IDK Euskotren (26/09) and Perfumerías Avenida hosting Tenerife (25/09).

Already preparing for the start of the League, Innova-tsn Leganés played its first friendly game on Thursday 9 September against Tenerife, participated in the Antonio de la Serna Memorial Tournament on 11 and 12 September and managed to win the trophy on Sunday morning by beating Sinergia Real Canoe in an intense game. Finally, on Sunday 19 September, Innova-tsn Leganés will take part in the Juan Martín Caño Memorial Tournament, organised by the Madrid Basketball Federation at the Pabellón Europa in Leganés.

Innova-tsn and Baloncesto Leganés will defend colours and values together again in the Endesa Women’s League 2.021-2.022. The commitment to talent, teamwork, the daily effort to reach the goal and the commitment to the colours will again be the nexus of two entities that will seek the best results.


Innova-tsn Leganés