Innova-tsn and Anjana Data Alliance

This alliance will serve to join forces in providing our customers with efficient and customised Data Governance solutions, regardless of the architecture on which they rely.

Both Anjana Data and Innova-tsn believe in talent and innovation within organisations, and this has been one of the key points in forging this partnership alliance.

This union of the two organisations aims to offer an effective Data Governance solution to all customers, regardless of the architecture they work on or the technologies they use.

This alliance stems from a shared understanding of data as a fundamental business asset. It also represents a mutual commitment to work on delivering data governance solutions that enable users to extract the full value of data and base every decision on secure, properly managed and governed end-to-end data.

At Innova-tsn we started our journey 17 years ago and, since then, we have grown to position ourselves as one of the undisputed leaders in the Big Data, Data Value & Analytics sector. With our solutions we have helped our customers to transform their data into strategic assets to make the best and most efficient decisions, generating a direct and quantifiable impact on their businesses.

Our differentiation is based on four essential pillars:

  • Experience in customised solutions in data exploitation.
  • Business vision and far-sighted approach, which allows us to face every change and opportunity as a challenge.
  • Mastery of the most cutting-edge technologies, in order to adapt, evolve and innovate quickly.
  • The proactive and versatile talent of the 300 professionals who make up the company and who make every challenge possible.

Now, Anjana Data and Innova-tsn are joining forces to offer expertise in the design and implementation of cloud architectures and in the exploitation of data throughout its entire life cycle.

To this end, Anjana Data offers organisations its innovative and differential solution for data governance with a totally disruptive approach, a state-of-the-art architecture and a licensing model adapted to the current needs of companies of any sector, any size and any level of maturity.

In search of the best experience for our customers, we consider it essential to establish agreements and alliances; in this line, the union created with Anjana Data reinforces the mutual commitment to give relevance to innovation and quality of service, through the implementation of cutting-edge solutions and the promotion of the digital transformation of organisations.

From now on, Innova-tsn and Anjana Data will focus their efforts on building and implementing Data Governance strategies to enhance their customers’ analytical capabilities and drive the achievement of their goals through data.