Digital Transformation and true digitalisation –

“The need of the hour”



Juan Ignacio Moreno, UK Country Manager at Innova-tsn, discusses the process of true digitalisation


True digitalisation means leveraging cutting-edge technologies with the ultimate goal to change all business processes to minimise errors, gain efficacy and efficiency, improve employee and user experience and, in sum, gain a competitive advantage in your business area.

Although various aspects of our lives and business paced down in 2020, digital transformation accelerated. The pandemic forced some radical changes in how businesses were run by shrinking timelines, accelerating change efforts to get workforces set up remotely, which had a cascading effect on the connectivity and security challenges.

While the pandemic took its toll on the present, business leaders were forced to analyse how to gain momentum post-pandemic, how to better their stance as a business in the new digital space and most importantly how to set up their remote or hybrid teams to work towards a common goal to be successful.

Customers today don’t just want educated and knowledgeable answers to their queries. They want feasible yet quick solutions which meet their technical requirements and solve business issues.

Is it all about Technology?

Digital transformation should be viewed as a business transformation.

It’s about leveraging continuously evolving technologies to change the entire business. It is not about ‘when’ to use the technologies but ‘how’ to use them to extract the most business value.

The key is creating the right blend of IT-business partnerships that provides experts from both technical and business domains so that adoptions of new technologies can be integrated deep into the grass root level of the business. And this transformation requires a massive shift in culture, operations, and people where change and culture are the toughest aspects – especially in legacy organisations mired in deeply rooted cultures. The decisions which drive a transformation should be factual and data-driven, aided by process changes across the enterprise.

Employees are the key drivers of the transformation process, and the success lies in the ability to shift to a digitally savvy culture across the length and breadth of the organisation, workforce capabilities, sharing the vision with employees in how they fit as drivers of this change which involves skilling them up and across.


Where does Innova-tsn come in your Digital Transformation journey?

Innova-tsn has been transforming businesses for over 18 years now and has a broad spectrum of expertise and skills to build bespoke solutions. At the heart of each digital transformation lies data-driven decisions and our expertise in Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Business Discovery, Customer Intelligence & Digital Marketing allows us to design real and flexible vanguard solutions to effectively exploit all the company’s data.

We have worked across various industries like utilities, retail, finance, insurance and pharmaceuticals to name a few – delivering bespoke solutions on-premise, on a private and public cloud and in hybrid environments.

Recently we delivered a MS Azure cloud native solution for Elexon, a not-for-profit entity funded by the electricity market participants. They are key to the successful running of the electricity industry in the UK allowing companies to trade, supply and operate within the market.

The solution is a bespoke cloud native web application built to digitalise the legal documents which were stored across 400 PDF documents and 9000 pages. This solution has been developed on React, NodeJS which leverages the Microsoft Azure services like App Service, Azure CosmosDB, Network Security Groups, Azure Sentinel, CDN and Azure Cognitive. This allows users to navigate easily and search across all of the code documents at once, rather than search one pdf at a time.

Apart from a rich, intuitive user experience, it has also resulted in a considerable reduction of browsing/ search time spent by end users on the document portal, which can be trans- lated into monetary savings of about a million pounds on resource costs in a year. This has been the first step in the true digitalisation process of Elexon that Innova-tsn is carrying out.

Testimonial from Elexon’s Head of Product (Rules Management), said: “We decided to transform the customer experience and start this digitalisation transformation journey with Innova-tsn, and we have not looked back since. Together, we have already made our entire document library available in a single searchable collection, making it quicker and easier for our customers to get to the information they need.

“The entire solution is built on MS Azure making it scalable, secure and robust. The new digital code site was launched in April 2022 within budget and deadline, and we are now working on delivering new features iteratively like natural language processing, semantic search while gaining feed- back from users as we go”.

Transformación Digital Digital Transformation

Ignacio Barahona (Head of Digital Transformation) and Juan Ignacio Moreno (UK Country Manager)

What is the Innova-tsn skill set to true digitalisation?

  • Business Analysis and Consultancy:
    • Architecture analysis and design; Platform Engineering & Cloud; Data Value, Data Management & Data Governance; Advanced Analytics & Big Data; Customer Centricity & Digital Marketing.
    • DataOps; DevOps; SecOps; MLOps.


  • Cloud Proficiency:
    • Microsoft Azure; AWS; Google Cloud; Informatica IICS


  • Databases & Programming languages:
    • R; Python; SAS; Other.
    • HTML, Javascript; NodeJS; React & NextJS; C, C#, C++; PL/SQL; PySpark; other.
    • MySQL, SQL Server, Postgre SQL; Mongo DB; Vertica; Snowflake; Azure Data Lake; other.


We need to view digital transformation as always evolving

Digital transformation isn’t a point-to- point process that reaches a static, determined “end state.” Today’s competitive market and the exponential growth rate of technological innovation are simply too challenging to allow for a transformation to ever be “finished.” We need to view digital transformation as always evolving, always underway – with leaders and businesses embracing a dynamic state of constant disruption.

Innova-tsn takes a lot of pride and honour in teaming up with our customers to define their product roadmap, deliver public and private cloud-native end-to-end bespoke solutions and would love to talk to you more about what drives us to deliver quality products/solutions.