The value of the data, the data as value


Innova-tsn receives the first prize in one of the categories of the latest edition of the SAS Hackathon. Of the more than 70 teams that qualified, SAS recognised 13 for their innovative solutions. The only Spanish team to win one of these awards, in the Energy category, was Innova-tsn for the Optimisation of BiciMAD for the management of the electric bicycle service of the Madrid City Council, through the study and prediction of demand.

Innova-tsn is a leading consultancy firm in the design of advanced analytics solutions, competing with large companies in the sector. It has just celebrated its 18th anniversary, with a clear strategy of commitment to the customer and the team. Over 300 consultants from different areas of specialisation in 6 national and international offices combine technical, technological and business knowledge to provide services to large companies that are benchmarks in their sector. “This company is the project of three partners 18 years ago, whom a solid team with a strong sense of belonging to a group has gradually joined. At that time, Data Science applied to the business world was not a widespread concept, but Innova-tsn made a firm commitment to it”, explains Arantxa Ortiz Marina, Head of Advanced Analytics at Innova-tsn.



The best decisions that drive a company’s strategies have always been born out of experience and information. These two aspects are embodied in data, which is the raw material, and what was once abstract knowledge and limited collections of reports has been scaled up to titanic systems, with the digitisation of everyday tasks. But what to do with that information afterwards? “Our proposal is always a contrarian approach, let’s ask the business questions first and then look for the data to help us answer them. We are not going to encounter many difficulties because the applications are, dare I say it, infinite. Right now we are just scratching the surface of a world full of possibilities,” says Ortiz.


The challenge now is not so much to collect huge amounts of data. We need to go a step further and extract and understand all the information that underlies the data and develop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that survive over time. Data Science is the area that is responsible for understanding and interpreting data to convert them into patterns that allow us to predict situations and optimise company resources.

Arantxa Ortiz Marina, Head of Advanced Analytics at Innova-tsn

“Our main tool is mathematics and statistics, not in vain we work with a highly qualified team in these disciplines and technology is the great ally that allows the solutions to be operational in order to execute complex decision systems,” says the head of Advanced Analytics. At Innova-tsn they work with experts in the main Big Data and Cloud architectures, cutting-edge analytical platforms to develop AI systems for prediction and optimal decision-making. “But we cannot forget that each customer has their own business and technological context, and at Innova-tsn we analyse each one to provide the best solution according to their needs and requirements,” says Arantxa Ortiz.


In all sectors we can find many examples related to customer management (banking, insurance, etc.), logistics, pricing and sales (retail, pharma…) and many other applications, in which Innova-tsn has participated. But their goal goes further, and they want to generate an analytical culture, where the value of data is extended to the entire company and is accessible to all profiles and areas. “We want analytics to be a structural element in companies and a living element that generates value continuously and in the long term, with a Data Life Cycle vision”, concludes Arantxa Ortiz Marina, Head of Advanced Analytics at Innova-tsn.


Javier Cavanillas, Mexico Country Manager at Innova-tsn

At Innova-tsn they strive every day to innovate, offer value and contribute to the growth of their business and brand reputation at national and international level. And for this international expansion, specifically in the Mexican market, they have entrusted Javier Cavanillas, a professional with extensive experience in companies in the communication and technology sector, both in marketing management and general management, in companies such as IPG, Sega, Microsoft, Bungalow25 or M&CSaatchi.

For Cavanillas, “Innova-tsn is the perfect partner to help in the technological transformation of this market through the provision of infrastructure and the design of technological and information

architectures, the exploitation of the data itself, the development of customised advanced analytics solutions and actions to put the customer at the centre of the processes and manage their entire lifecycle.

We are at a time when, although the product or service is still the main value generator, a good experience can make the buyer choose your product over those of the competition.

“Today, everything must lead to creating the perfect customer experience. That is why it is so important to make sure you implement the solutions that enable you to improve customer acquisition, loyalty and retention,” he explains.

Therefore, we asked him about the ABC’s of good online marketing in 2022, to which Javier Cavanillas answers that “a single customer vision, to ensure that you keep the same story regardless of the channels; an efficient exploitation of data; and an appropriate content strategy that allows you to speak to each target in their language”, and adds that “the data treated, cared for, structured and converted into relevant information, is a decisive lever for decision making: It helps you understand the expected, present and future behaviour of business drivers so that your company can anticipate the market”.