Revolutionising the Energy ecosystem:

How Technology is Powering a Sustainable & Efficient Future

The Energy Industry is facing many challenges: building a global operation management that includes new players (energy communities, resource aggregators, active customers, distribution grid managers), developing renewable energy and improving energy transport and storage tools. 

To take on any of these challenges, data, their proper management and the massive application of artificial intelligence in the operationalisation of all decision-making processes, are consolidated as a key strategic asset.

Most companies are embracing this digital transition integrating and adopting emerging new solutions to transform the way they operate and manage energy, towards a model of predictive maintenance and operational efficiency.

Key areas of digital transition:


Renewable Energy & storage


Demand Management & response to demand

Data Analytics and optimisation

Security &
Cyber Security

Our working lines:





Exploiting the potential of DATA & AI

to revolutionise the Energy Industry

Sucess Stories:

The key to the successful running of the electricity industry

Innova-tsn has been leading a project to digitize the regulatory corpus (BSC and 400 related documents) since 2020, with the aim of offering a better experience to the end user. The project is based on 3 main lines of work: Design and implementation of cloud architecture implementation of the backend engine that allows ingestion, cognitive analysis and document mapping, and design and development of the frontend, the web interface that allows users and internal staff to interact with BSC.
The entire project uses the CI/CD methodology, using Terraform to implement the architecture as code and Azure DevOps for the pipelines of each component. Azure application services and Docker containers are used to host the web application and backend, and cosmos db is used as a non-SQL database. Customer security requirements are met with a combination of cloud-native components (Sentinel, Defender for Cloud, Log Analytics, Key Vault, etc.) and additional controls (WAF using OWASP rules, IP filtering policies, rotation of keys, etc.).
The project had a pillar of exhaustive testing and QA, with specialized and multi-localized profiles that tested the solution in each of the sprints.

Energy Demand Forecasting Service

Innova-tsn designed and implemented a solution to forecast energy demand in the short, medium, and long term. For this company, the result was a 50% reduction in forecasting errors in less than three years.

Further, lnnova-tsn created helpful and user-friendly dashboards for result visualization, meaning the company could achieve more accurate forecasts as well as gaining insights from the results and the overwall process.

Analytic Fraud Detection for one of Spain’s «Big 5» Companies

lnnova-tsn helps one of Spains «Big 5» Electricity companies to debug, manage and exploit the large amount of data provided by Smart Meters.

In this case, an analytical system feeding from 1 O millions smart meter readings every hour was implemented to identify fraud patterns.  lnnova-tsn helped this company reduce fraud and potential inspection costs.

Other Sucess Stories:

Data Management
& Analytical Modeling

Strategic Customer Hypersegmentation
& LTV Calculation

Grid Migration & Administration

Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

Predictive Maintenance for Smart Meters & for Wind Turbine

Campaign Management


Innova-tsn is a company founded almost 20 years ago as an expert in intelligent business solutions, which has grown to become one of the undisputed leaders in the design and implementation of AI  solutions.

We specialise in Cloud Strategy and Implementation, Artificial Intelligence, Modern B.I. and    X-Ops among others; In these areas, Innova-tsn offers customised, end-to-end solutions for our customers.

At Innova-tsn we have been collaborating for almost 20 years with companies in the Energy & Utilities Industry; We develop value propositions applying agile methodologies and offering creative solutions based on innovation and technologies, in order to help them improve efficiency and sustainability in the medium and long term.

Headquartered in Madrid, Innova-tsn has not stopped expanding and currently provides its services from London, Barcelona, Santander, Bogota and Mexico City.

Our corporate values are commitment to our employees and our customers, excellence in the execution of every project, innovation and business orientation in every initiative we encounter.

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