Modernisation of the Retail Sector

Due to the increase of online sales, the retail world has had to adapt to new consumer demands. Thanks to our experience in the field of Business Intelligence, we advise and guide our clients throughout the entire adaptation and change process. In this case, the creation and optimization of suitable dashboards allows better decision-making and growth towards the online retail model that the client needs.

Attribution Models

Working for one of the major European banking entities, we analyse the impact of their ATL campaigns. To do this, we measure the effect of the investment made in the main media outlets and we adjust the models to isolate the effect of each one on the contracting of products. By analysing these relationships, we can give advice on future investments plans to be made in different media outlets.

Electricity Demand Forecast

We implemented a new model for predicting energy demand in the short, medium, and long term, to improve precision, provide the highest level of detail, and minimise manual intervention by users. All of this is easily scalable and fully integrated in the client’s systems to promote change management.

Regulatory Compliance

We developed an end-to-end solution composed of different modules to satisfy the needs of our client, a major financial entity, and migrate to a new environment complying with Basel and IFRS9 regulations. Innova-tsn designed the technical solution, its implementation and migration to the new environment and the subsequent maintenance and monthly support.

Real time File Classifier

We facilitate the daily work of the employees in the social area of the Town Hall of Barcelona thanks to the development of an analytical text mining model that allows us to classify files according to their subject. In addition to classifying the files in real-time, the solution allows us to automatically detect and order the most frequent problems in a dynamic manner and therefore provide the most suitable answers for each case.