From Text to Action: How LLMs transform insurance companies

From Text to Action:How LLMs transform insurance companies The arrival of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) is revolutionising the way we interact with technology. Not only personally but professionally: these models, able to understand and generate human language with astonishing accuracy, are opening new paths for improving and make work more efficient. In […]

Ensured Modernisation: The impact of AI on today’s policies

Ensured Modernisation:The impact of AI on today’s insurance policies The time is now, but how? where to? The insurance industry, traditionally misperceived as conservative, has entered a new era of technology-driven transformation. With the arrival of digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI), insurance companies are redefining their interaction with customers, improving operating efficiency and personalising […]

Innova-tsn wins SAS Hackathon energy category for improving Madrid’s bicycle service

Innova-tsn wins SAS Hackathon Energy Category for improving Madrid’s Bicycle Service Over 70 teams from all over the world have participated in a new edition of the Hackathon organised by SAS. With a project focused on promoting sustainable transport and improving the BiciMAD service, Innova Data Hub was the only Spanish team to win one […]

Charity Match – Innova-tsn Basket Leganés Club turn a women’s basketball league match into a fundraiser to benefit ASPACE Madrid

Innova-tsn Basket Leganés Club turn a women’s basketball league match into a fundraiser to benefit ASPACE Madrid Innova-tsn women’s Basketball Team, together with Innova-tsn as sponsor, want to do our bit for people with cerebral palsy in the Community of Madrid. The money raised from this charity match with the sale of tickets will go […]

Innova-tsn & Anjana Data Alliance


Innova-tsn and Anjana Data Alliance This alliance will serve to join forces in providing our customers with efficient and customised Data Governance solutions, regardless of the architecture on which they rely. Both Anjana Data and Innova-tsn believe in talent and innovation within organisations, and this has been one of the key points in forging this […]

Innova-tsn, Official Sponsor of Leganes Basketball Club

Innova-tsn, Official Sponsor of the Leganes Basketball Club and its first team, Innova-tsn Leganes, which will play in the Endesa League this season 2021-2022. Innova-tsn, linked to the Leganés Basketball Club for three seasons, renews and strengthens its commitment for three more years. Innova-tsn takes the court at the Pabellón Europa in Leganés together with […]

Innova-tsn in #Hackin SAS 2021

Innova-tsn has participated in #HACKINSAS 2021, the  Hackathon organised by SAS A first-hand account of the solution In the current complex situation that has arisen as a result of the pandemic, Innova-tsn embarked on the hackin SAS Hackathon 2021, with a team formed by Jose Ignacio Bernaldo and Jesús Adolfo Cariño, named “Innova Tracers.” With […]


Hyper-Personalisation: an augmented vision of customer knowledge [Article published in La Razón print edition – Sunday, November, 29th]   This 2020 we have made an obliged move to a hyperconnected society where, especially in the past few months, physical distance has boosted digital presence, which has been the Key tool to keep us connected. The current […]

Interview at La Razón – IGNACIO BARAHONA, Founding Partner and Head of Customer 360 & Data Value

“The way customers are related to companies has changed”  INTERVIEW AT LA RAZÓN:  IGNACIO BARAHONA, Founding Partner y Head of Customer 360 & Data Value (28/06/2020) ¿Why Data Value? Trillions of data traverse the net every day. Data that would be irrelevant if someone did not analyse and shape them. This is a job for Innova-tsn, a […]

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

RPA – Robotic Process Automation The use of RPA is a critical aspect that all companies immersed in a digital transformation process should consider. In today’s global market, characterised by growing innovation and changes in the customer’s needs and demands, in addition to the increase of data value, companies should be open to constant changes […]