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Business Areas

Business Intelligence
Planning, measuring and analyzing: making sense of information.

We design, create and improve comprehensive and efficient Business Intelligence systems, which allow fast and reliable exploitation of business data.

We provide access to timely, accurate and reliable information for effective decision making. We help achieve continuous process improvement in order to generate useful knowledge.

From product view to customer view, in real time.

Being pioneers in the implementation of customer intelligence solutions, we lead our clients to achieve deep knowledge and a reliable segmentation of their customer base, as well as through the management of commercial activities, introducing advanced technological solutions.

We offer a unified and omni-channel vision. We pursue a profitable and optimum interaction with each customer or prospect.

Business Analytics
Forecasting future trends, optimizing decision-making, driving change.

In Innova-TSN we design, develop and implement analytical methodologies to identify invisible patterns through innovative analytical techniques, always focused on understanding the underlying business logic.

The techniques we use range from descriptive data analysis to complex formulations, which enable us to forecast trends under different scenarios created by the business user.

The application of business analytics constitutes a key support in the decision-making processes of our customers, turning them into profit optimization.

We identify areas of improvement within the business and identify the necessary actions required to achieve the established goals.

Big Data
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Big Data is not only a new trend, it is many different things. It is a change of paradigm that is here to stay and to substitute technologies, methodologies and current operative processes. Our expertise in Big Data technologies allows us to address huge volumes of data in real time.

Our knowledge of Big Data Analytics helps us develop algorithms to adjust mathematical models and use them in distributed environments under Big Data technologies.

Big Data is the appropriate lever to get to:

  • New insights (new sources of information).
  • Personalize/ Improve /Lead the Customer Experience.
  • Live Predictive Marketing & Neuromarketing.
  • Emotional Marketing / Sentiment Analysis.
  • Innovation, Differentiation, New Business Opportunities.

Big Data x Big Data = Error. The goal is not applying Big Data techniques just because everybody is doing it, but to introduce them with a clear goal of getting some added value out of the new information. In Innova-TSN we are experts in implementing solutions to provide real answers to the challenges the companies face.

Business Discovery
The democratization of information, anytime, anywhere.

We’re specialized in Business Discovery platforms: We deliver the proper information to the appropriate user in the right moment.

Becoming an important self-service tool for business users, not only will the users make decisions based upon the information received, but they will also participate in the cycle to create and distribute that information in an easy and intuitive way. They will ask and answer the questions that arise and they will build applications and analytical models they can share.

Supported by the latest mobile technologies, Innova-TSN enables the transfer of knowledge throughout an organization, helping every user to perform his/her job more quickly and more efficiently than ever, as well as in a social and collaborative way.

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