Innova-tsn in #Hackin SAS 2021

Innova-tsn has participated in #HACKINSAS 2021, the  Hackathon organised by SAS A first-hand account of the solution In the current complex situation that has arisen as a result of the pandemic, Innova-tsn embarked on the hackin SAS Hackathon 2021, with a team formed by Jose Ignacio Bernaldo and Jesús Adolfo Cariño, named “Innova Tracers.” With […]

Cashless: towards the new normal in payments

Cashless: towards the new normal in payments The year 2020 has meant a turning point in the cashless payments and  digital transformation process we have been undergoing for several years now. Unlike other economic crises when people looked for stability in their funds by increasing the demand for cash, the sanitary origin of the current situation […]


Hyper-Personalisation: an augmented vision of customer knowledge [Article published in La Razón print edition – Sunday, November, 29th]   This 2020 we have made an obliged move to a hyperconnected society where, especially in the past few months, physical distance has boosted digital presence, which has been the Key tool to keep us connected. The current […]

Interview at La Razón – IGNACIO BARAHONA, Founding Partner and Head of Customer 360 & Data Value

“The way customers are related to companies has changed”  INTERVIEW AT LA RAZÓN:  IGNACIO BARAHONA, Founding Partner y Head of Customer 360 & Data Value (28/06/2020) ¿Why Data Value? Trillions of data traverse the net every day. Data that would be irrelevant if someone did not analyse and shape them. This is a job for Innova-tsn, a […]

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

RPA – Robotic Process Automation The use of RPA is a critical aspect that all companies immersed in a digital transformation process should consider. In today’s global market, characterised by growing innovation and changes in the customers’ needs and demands, companies should be open to constant changes and their capability for adaptation plays an essential […]

Soft Skills: they seem on-trend but are here to stay

Soft Skills: they seem on-trend but are here to stay In the human resources and personnel departments of many companies, there has been some talk about soft skills and their importance for personnel management for some time now. But do you know what soft skills are? And how do you or your company benefit from […]

2020 Insurance Week

Semana del Seguro

2020 Insurance Week:Automation of the relationship with the customer   On Thursday 27th February Innova-tsn attended the Insurance Week, presenting our experience in the automation of the relationship with the customer in the Insurance sector and the use case of recommendators in Bankia It has been proven that customers that receive a personalised treatment have […]

Iberdrola Global Awards 2018

Innova es galardonada al mejor proveedor

Innova-tsn is awarded as Best Supplier of the Year in the Competitiveness and Innovation category at the 2018 Iberdrola Global Awards ceremony Innova-tsn has been awarded by Iberdrola as the best supplier of the year in the Competitiveness and Innovation category, handed by Antonio Moso and with the attendance of the company’s president, José Ignacio Sánchez […]

Talent, Attitude

Talent, Attitude John Bury already tried to make an approach to the idea of progress in the 1920s[1]. This was a key element to drive western civilisation forward. Many years have passed but it is obvious that progress is still present nowadays and seems limitless. A good deal of this progress and evolution is due […]

It’s not Big Data all that glitters

It´s not Big Data all that glitters Technology has advanced at a dizzying pace in recent decades. This may serve as a reflection: the iPhone we carry in our pockets has a greater computing capacity than the computers that brought man to the Moon. What was science-fiction some years ago is real today and society […]